Residential electrical contractors that go the distance.

We provide a 100% Guarantee on all electrical services for 1-year from installation. As a residential electrician, Edmonton has provided us with the range of experience working on all home types. We will ensure that your home is wired properly and has an electrical layout that is both practical and professional. We are Certified Master Electricians and committed to providing outstanding customer service.

For New Home Builds

MMi Electrical offers best-in-class electrical contracting services for all of your residential needs. We focus on custom homes, spec homes, and new home builds. Get the advantage of having an expert make key electrical recommendations as to the service requirements for each room - taking into consideration your needs today and down the road. We understand all the factors when it comes to lighting , appliances, plug placement, wireless electrical, hot tubs, special equipment for garages, yard lighting and landscaping needs.

We can work with your general contractor or directly with yourself to provide Smart-home technology and Home Automation.

Renovating a Current Home

For contractors and current home-owners looking at renovating an existing home, MMi Electrical provides the skill, expertise and contacts required to get the job done properly. As master electricians we remain up-to-date with the electrical code which has changed significantly in the last couple years. We have great relationships with local inspectors who are familiar with the quality of our work. For everyone involved, this means less surprises and you can be sure to get the consistency and quality that MMi Electrical is recognized for. Additionally, passing electrical inspections consistently ensures that scheduling will not be negatively impacted.

For home renovations, we work with the general contractor and home owner to make recommendations towards efficiency and ease-of-use for placement of switches, plugs, and lighting choices.


Install an electrical vehicle charging station for your home. Get the ultimate in convenience.

MMi Electrical is a recognized electrical charging station installer and can help plan for a home EV station. We can install your own charging receptacle, and we support Tesla Wall Connector as well as Level 2 chargers. We would be glad to visit you and provide an estimate.


Our Electrical Experience


Dave Miller, Founder at MMi Electrical, has been in the industry for over 18 years. Brandon Miller, has been in the industry for over 12 years. Together, they have worked on everything from apartment buildings, power systems, commercial, industrial, high-voltage, restaurants, luxury homes, and residential. MMi Electrical’s wide range of experience ensures they can handle all your current needs. They are able to bring their knowledge to the forefront of your project, and consult with you in advance so you get the best results.  

Dedicated to detail

All of our installed panels and wiring are clean, organized, and highly-functional. Even though you may never see the work behind the walls, you can have the peace of mind knowing that it is organized and efficient.

To achieve the highest precision, laser levels guarantee every plug is measured to an exact height. We leave no room for error. All of our quotes and designs are backed up daily.

“A carpenter measures to 1/32 of an inch… we measure to be bang-on”
- Dave and Brandon's favourite quote

High-quality electrical work

We are more than just electricians, MMi Electrical is comprised of entrepreneurs who have a range of business experience. We know the importance of taking the time to plan and strategize with our clients. Proper planning means we keep to schedule, to avoid potential delays and cost overruns. Should we ever be delayed, we will promptly inform you.

As business owners, we understand that building relationships are key. We take pride in our work, and always leave a clean workspace as we respect the work of our peers and your home. Contributing to making the customer’s vision become reality is what drives us.

We will work directly with interior designers to ensure that design and functionality work together.

Setup a meeting with us

To create an accurate quote, we prefer to be onsite so we can fully appreciate the details and scope of your project. Our residential electrical quotes are free and highly detailed. We would be glad to connect with you and go over the details.